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A Week at Misaskim
Mrs. Esther Kornecki
Mrs. Raizel Pollack
R' Josh Kornecki
R' Avi Kornecki
Ms. Perel Kornecki
Mrs. Bertha Berkowitz
Mrs. Rachel Landau
R' Yehoshua Weinstock
Mrs. Sylvia Weiss
Mrs. Marilyn Horowitz
R' Yaakov Sabbagh
R' Efraim Lazarowitz
R' Shlomo Lazarowitz
R' Shmuel Dovid Lazarowitz
Mrs. Chana Farkas
Mrs. Leah Mandel
R' Yosef Sabbagh
Mrs. Rachel Mory
R' Motty Weisshaus
R' Akiva Weisshaus
R' Dovid Wacholder
R' Mark Spector
R' Scott Spector
R' Eliezer Jampolsky
Ms. Chana Jampolsky
Mrs. Sara Chazan
Mrs. Briana Martinez
R' Binyomin Mittel
Mrs. Helen Ackerman
Mrs. Fran Schnall
Mrs. Anita Welcher
R' Hershel Welcher
Mrs. Pessy Bronstein
R' Meir Welcher
Mrs. Shari Hain
Mrs. Mirel Gottesman
R' Moshe Efraim Roth
R' Aryeh Roth
Mrs. Erika Weiss
R' Avrohom Rosenberg
R' Nosson Munk
Mrs. Rochel Munk
R' Shmuel Tzvi Munk
R' Shua Munk
R' Baruch Munk
Mrs. Toba Lehman
Mrs. Saralee Schwartz
Mrs. Frumi Schwab
Habachor Shloime Rosenberg
Hayeled Osher Rosenberg
Miss Frumy Rosenberg
Mrs. Nechama Berg
R' Sammy Saadia
R' David Benari
Mrs. Lena Saad
Mrs. Cary Braha
R' Yosef Dovid Blank
R' Lazer Pinchos Herzberg
Mrs. Hindy Katz
Mrs. Chaya Rivka Friedman
R' Yossi Meisner
R' Avrohom Meisner
R' Ari Meisner
Mrs. Chaya Greenberger
Mrs. Faigy Goldstein
Mrs. Devora Weiss
Mrs. Bleemy Lowinger
Mrs. Esther Bondy
Mrs. Miriam Ritterman
R' Otto Friedlander
Miss Lori Friedlander
Mrs. Baba Ostreicher
R' Milton Ostreicher
R' Chaim Ostreicher
Mrs. Breindu Rosenfeld
R' Volf Glick
R' Mayer Ber Glick
R' Moishu Glick
R' Sender Glick
Mrs. Kreinche Lichtenstein
Mrs. Roiza Ruchy Landau
Mrs. Chavi Berkowitz
Mrs. Blimu Srulowitz
Mrs. Faigy Handler
Mrs. Layu Friedman
Mrs. Sylvia Hamowy
R' Victor Hamowy
Mrs. Audrey Cohen
Mrs. Lisa Betesh
Mrs. Frieda Franco
Mrs. Malki Schachter
Mrs. Bleema Nussbaum
Mrs. Miriam Bergstrom
Mrs. Chany Gross
Mrs. Frumy Kugler
Mrs. Dora Kahn
Mrs. Rachel Berger
Mrs. Sarah Mann
Mrs. Baila Guez
R' Bentzion Mizrachi
R' David Friedman
R' Yehuda (Fritz) Friedman
Mrs. Jeanette Friedman-Sieradski
Mrs. Chany Friedman
R' Alex Froimovich
Mrs. Edita Froimovich
R' Ari Froimovich
R' Felix Froimovich
Mrs. Shelly Vites
Mrs. Diana Levy
Mrs. Yaffa Regez
R' Dovid Yehuda Eiger
Mrs. Baila Rochel Krauss
Mrs. Frumit Sara Hiller
Mrs. Yitu Gluck
Mrs. Rivky Fried
Mishnayos ChartCemetery DirectionsAlert Notfication System Misaskim Cares
Disaster/Accident Recovery
When disaster or tragedy strikes , Misaskim deals with the situation in a professional, efficient manner that is acceptable to the law and respectful to the deceased. During major catastrophes or minor accidents with Jewish casualties, Misaskim will dispatch a team of volunteers-even via private jet-to any location in the United States on a moment’s notice.
Gemach Nechumim
Misaskim’s gemach nichumim ensures that the week of shiva is a little bit more comforting and comfortable by providing aveilim with necessities from shiva chairs to sifrei torah, from folding beds to fax machines.
Meis Mitzvah
When the need arises, Misaskim assumes responsibility for the mesei mitzvah of our community, discovering the identity of unknown deceased individuals, convincing family members to opt for kevuras yisroel rather than cremations and even covering the cost of the levayos of these mesei mitzvah.
Kavod Hameis
Misaskim stands at the frontlines, safeguarding the dignity of the deceased, by advocating to prevent autopsies and educating government officials and coroners regarding kavod hames. When an autopsy is unavoidable, Misaskim insures that trained Rabbis are present during the procedure to minimize the desecration of the body.
Chevra Kadisha
Besides for performing teharos, finding burial plots and arrange the kevura, Misaskim is a backbone for other Chevra Kadisha agencies, providing sound systems, generator-powered lights for nighttime levayos and solving many logistical problems in order to arrange a funeral in a timely manner.
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