Alleviating Tragedy with Compassion. Coordinating Crisis with Expertise.
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March 09, 2020
Is That Smile a Mask?
Power of Sadness Chaim held his brother Moishy by the hand. As they walked through the lively Purim streets, loud music mobiles filled the streets and costumed children swarmed about. Smiles were on everyone’s faces. Clutching a big cellophane package, the boys happily approached their first ...
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No one is ever prepared to cope with a tragedy.
When people are thrown into that dark abyss of crisis or loss, the pain and the grief is accompanied by a
crushing feeling of isolation and bewilderment by the many unknowns of this new uncharted territory.
And so, they call out to Misaskim.
Alleviating tragedy with compassion. Coordinating crisis with expertise.
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