Yedid Purim Seuda Distribution 5784
March 24, 2024
Yedid Purim Seuda Distribution 5784
When Purim rolls around, the pain strikes deep for families who lost a parent. They wonder: Why celebrate when Totty is missing? And why do we need to be guests at someone else's seudah again?

That's why Yedid (a division of Misaskim) sends gourmet, catered Purim seudos to over 750 almanos and 3,700 yesomim. While the world celebrates, they might not have the means, mood, or motivation to prepare a proper Purim seudah. But with a beautiful meal delivered to their doorstep, they can host their family and friends and not have to be anyone's guests. A day that would otherwise magnify their void can be spent at home, in the company of those who matter most.

And in Yedid's signature style, everything is personal. Weeks in advance, each family receives an elegant invitation and menu card with an array of choices and was able to order a custom meal catered to their individual needs.

Special shechita? ✔ Check.
Sephardic menu? ✔ Check.
Allergy/dietary-specific menu? ✔ Check.

Because Yedid would do anything to bring them joy.

As one almanah wrote, "The plentiful, delicious food took a great deal of pressure off me and filled my heart with joy and my eyes with tears. Purim is extremely difficult for my family? Your generous gift made it easier for us all."

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