Project Yedid by Misaskim Chol Hamoed Experience 5784
October 04, 2023
Project Yedid by Misaskim Chol Hamoed Experience 5784
On Wednesday, the third day Chol Hamoed, Project Yedid by Misaskim sponsored a Chol Hamoed Sukkos Experience for yesomim and almonos. In the morning, the children came to The Legacy Hall in Boro Park for a smashing carnival. The booths included arcades, photo booths, airbrushing, a Chinese paper cutter, a cash machine, virtual reality, and more.

In the afternoon, they went over to Tiferes Rivka Hall, where they enjoyed an uplifting Simchas Bais Hashoeva, a concert, and The Tantzers. They were treated to a hot, delicious seudas Yom Tov in the sukkah.

Yom Tov can be painful for the yesomim. The loss hits them squarely during family-oriented times. With a spectacular day out, Project Yedid by Misaskim restores the joy to Chol Hamoed. It's a day of excitement and camaraderie. A day when the yesomim can forget their pain for a few hours. A day when they can have fun with friends who are in the same boat. A day when they can enjoy being kids again.

They leave uplifted, their hearts warmed by a day of fun and friendship, filled up on chizzuk for months to come.

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