Sparks in the Dark - Misaskim Campaign 2022
March 06, 2022
Sparks in the Dark - Misaskim Campaign 2022
On February 23 and 24, Misaskim set out on a vital mission-a mission to generate heartwarming sparks for the almanos and yesomim of the community.

Shiva's over. Life seems to move on. Yet the family of the deceased feels frozen in time.

On the outside, they continue going about their lives like everyone else. You'll find them doing a grocery run, talking with neighbors, and dropping off the kids at school. But a peek on the inside reveals bleeding hearts, unimaginable grief, and a load of uncertainty.

At just the right moment, Misaskim shows up and showers them with heartwarming sparks. To the almanos and yesomim, each spark whispers of comfort, hope, and incredible relief.

School supplies. Yom tov meals. Yom tov packages. Chol hamoed events. Camp packages. Emergency funds.

With every spark, their hearts are lighter. Someone is looking out for them! Someone cares! Someone remembers about them after all!

Those feelings are priceless. But at the same time, those services amount to 4 million dollars annually. Misaskim campaign's mission was to ensure those life-changing sparks can continue being created.

With the generosity of over 7,000 donors, Misaskim exceeded the original campaign goal of $1.5 million and sparked a fire that will chase the darkness out of the hearts of almanos and yesomim, forever.

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