Community Update: Misaskim Aveilim Listing is Now a Seamless Process
November 07, 2021
Community Update: Misaskim Aveilim Listing is Now a Seamless Process
In their tireless work for those experiencing the loss of a loved one, Misaskim created the aveilim listing directory as a service to the community. The listing is updated daily, and displays the name of the niftar, as well as the information of those sitting shiva. Misaskim'0s online shiva listings receive an average of 6,000-7,000 views each day. After much work on developing a user-friendly and seamless process on the Misaskim website, families can now upload all the relevant shiva information at any time, from anywhere. Yanky Meyer, the founder and director at Misaskim, noted that the new system allows families to input information at their convenience at any time of day or night, without having to wait for regular business hours to speak with Misaskim's office staff.
An additional feature that families can choose to add is the possibility of allowing others to leave condolence messages via email. This option is greatly appreciated by families with relatives overseas, who cannot be menachem avel in person. Opening the shiva listings to the public also provides the opportunity to list aveilim anywhere in the world. Those who don't have access to the website can still submit shiva information via email or fax to Misaskim, and their dedicated staff will add the data to the website. Personal information such as phone numbers will never be shared publicly unless specifically requested otherwise, to ensure the family is not bothered by solicitations of any sort.
Stepping up to serve the community in multiple ways is the very essence of Misaskim, which is grateful for the opportunity to extend the scope of its shiva listings. "This new system will provide even more support and nechama in the local community and beyond," said Meyer. "The ability for anyone, anywhere, to submit a shiva listing on their own time and at their own convenience will minimize at least some of the stress for family members during an extremely difficult time and is just one of the many services we provide to help aveilim to the best of our ability."

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