We Lost So Many. What Can We Do In Their Memory?
May 25, 2020
We Lost So Many. What Can We Do In Their Memory?
New York----5/25/2020


As hundreds of Yidden continue to suffer the deadly wrath of COVID-19, Misaskim stands on the frontlines, assisting those in need, and witnessing their never-ending pain and grief.

So many did not have a chance to say goodbye. So many could not be at their parent’s bedside or pay their last respects. The tragedies have changed the course of our lives and left a gaping hole in our hearts.

That is why, Misaskim, a long-standing advocate of the Jewish community, has now set out to create a lifeline of hope and support to properly honor the victims of COVID-19.


Misaskim announced that they will be laying the groundwork for the greatest Hachnosas Sefer Torah in modern Jewish history. The organization will be redefining the meaning of "CHAI" and writing 18 Sifrei Torah in honor of those that have been lost.

The initiative, called "V'Chai Bahem" will be offering numerous opportunities to take part in. Families of the bereaved will have a chance to dedicate a Parsha, Chumash, etc. in honor of their loved ones; Yidden from all stripes and backgrounds will be able to secure a coveted spot as a zechus for themselves and their families.

"By rallying the forces of the entire Jewish community," local spokesman says, "we will tap into the same achdus that was prevalent at Matan Torah, and bring comfort and light back into our lives."

Hundreds have already expressed a deep interest in the project. Children are yearning to honor their parents. Talmidim are seeking to reconnect with their Rebbes in Shamayim.

In the coming year, the 18 Sifrei Torah will be written by a series of venerated Sofrim, and celebrated in a global Hachnosas Sefer Torah celebration. The scrolls will then be distributed to shiva houses, and serve as a much-needed solution to Misaskim's burgeoning demand.


The last Mitzvah in our Torah commands every Yid to write their own Sefer Torah. This ensures that the last chain of our Mesorah continues to live on. The Misaskim Sifrei Torah will be our ultimate chance to fulfill those final words, to come full circle, and to bring the legacies of our loved ones back to life.

Become a part by visiting 18torahs.org or by calling: 718-854-4548.
May we all be comforted and Iy'h receive the ultimate nechama very soon.

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