Project Yedid Chanukah Gifts
December 30, 2019
Project Yedid Chanukah Gifts
This Chanukah, Project Yedid sends a reason for joy and celebration to families that have been overshadowed by grief. As the songs of Maoz Tzur resonate through our homes, a special warmth is felt in the cold winter air. Singing, good food, and celebrating with family and friends, is what makes this Yom Tov so special. At Misaskim's Project Yedid division, we work hard to shine that glow into the homes of Yesomim and Almanos.

Working tirelessly, our dedicated Misaskim volunteers create hundreds of gift packages that are sent to children of families that have lost a loved one. "The impact of these presents are truly heartwarming," says Project Yedid founder, Yankie Meyer. For many of the kids, Chanukah would be just like any other day, shadowed by their loss. But this display of true care and love adds a layer of meaning to the Chag, and fills them with the feeling of not being forgotten.

Around the world, Jewish families are busy with exciting preparations for the Yom Tov. Lavish Chanukah parties and exciting presents are what every kid is talking about. But for some children, the shadow of grief and uncertainty does not allow light to shine through.

With a budget of $182,000.00, Project Yedid spares no expense to create the gift packages. Each child receives $50 spending money, 10 dollar bills that were bentched by a series of renowned and venerated Rabbonim, a newly-released CD, and fun and exciting games. The package is beautifully displayed and instantly delights children of all ages. Project Yedid's gift recipients are all over the world, spanning across New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Nevada, Canada - Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Belgium, and Antwerp. Location is not something that prevents Project Yedid from lighting up a child's Chanukah.

"Just to bring a smile to their faces and to bring them something that no one else is getting makes it all worthwhile," said Yankie Meyer. "There are still more yesomim out there who aren't on our list and if we knew who they were, we would bring them Chanukah packages too." A grateful orphan sent this heartfelt message to Project Yedid. "I'd like to give a special thank you for the generous Chanukah gelt that was sent to our door on Chanukah. It was so touching to receive an individual packet for each child. The money that I got went towards a beautiful watch that I wanted, and all my siblings bought something special for themselves. The gebentched dollar bills and coins that we got were put aside for shmira. Thank you so much."

Another child told us "It was so amazing to receive the gift package you sent! My brothers loved the games and we saved the Chanukah gelt to buy a big present for my mother. Thank you for everything!"

This Chanukah, Project Yedid will continue illuminating the lives of countless Almanos and Yesomim, and allow them to experience their very own miracle of light.

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