Lend Your Voice Offering Words of Comfort
April 10, 2018
Lend Your Voice Offering Words of Comfort
Over Pesach, Klal Yisroel has been beset by a number of tragic events. While the loss of every loved one is tragic, there were some that stuck out as a tzarras harabbim; the chosson and kallah killed in a car accident from the Levin & Kaplan families, the 3 month old Renov baby that suddenly passed away on the first seder night, and the Bernath family that lost their mother just 8 days after she gave birth, having both her levaya and his bris the same day.

There has been an outpouring of support and emotion from the community at large who are feeling for the families struck by these tragedies. Many have contacted Misaskim wanting to offer their divrei nechamah, words of consolation and comfort, to these families.

Realizing the critical hour and the need to unify and express ourselves, showing the families that we are one with them -- tzarras rabbim chatzi nechamah -- we have set up a service whereby an individual can offer a private condolence message by accessing our site at https://www.misaskim.org/aveilim and clicking on the name of the specific family they wish to give words of chizuk. It is a small gesture that can mean a great deal to our brothers and sisters who are grieving.

May we hear only simchos and besuros tovos in the future.

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