How to Make 600 Yesomim Smile
October 20, 2017
How to Make 600 Yesomim Smile
Below is an actual letter just received by Misaskim from one of the 600 yesomim/yesomos who were entertained and enthralled with an entire day dedicated just to them on Chol Hamoed Succos. This event was not open to the public and received no publicity (any faces in the photos were purposely blurred).

To the Amazing People at Misaskim amu"sh,

Thank you for such a special chol hamoed trip. You went all out to make the day extra special. My family was looking forward and counted down the days from when the reserve-the-date invitation arrived. Starting from the warm welcome we got in the morning until after the fireworks show, was just so special. We really appreciate all the kochos and resources you put in, you really gave us a day to remember.

All the kids from big to small had an enjoyable day. One of my younger sisters made $19 by the money-blowing machine she was so excited! My younger brother air brushed a fuzzy sandwich that he sleeps with every night. The Binyan Lego box provided exciting entertainment for the second days of yom tov. The generous gift certificate to Toys4U is still being decided on how to be spent.

What a beautiful simchas beis hashoeva you prepared! The music and singing was so leibadik and geshmack. The Tanzers gave it all they've got and made all the boys feel special. Shloime Daskal, together with Yisroel Lamm and the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra was a real treat to see, live. The little kids loved the Twins From France! You really outdid yourselves and we are so thankful for all that you've done.

May Hakadosh Baruch Hu give you special kochos and siyata dishmaya to continue doing your avodas hakodesh.

With much appreciation,

P.S. Even though this is late in coming, I want to give a special thank you for the generous Chanukah gelt that was sent to our door on Chanukah. It was so touching to receive an individual packet for each child. The money that I got went towards a beautiful watch that I wanted, and all my siblings bought something special for themselves. The gebenched dollar bills and coins that we got were put aside for shmira. Thank you so much.

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