Misaskim Cares Summer Safety Edition
July 01, 2013
Misaskim has just released the latest edition of Misaskim Cares - Summer Safety Edition. The magazine was distributed throughout the tri-state area and can also be viewed online by clicking here

Misaskim volunteers provide numerous community-related services throughout the year. These services include providing assistance for grieving families, and, if needed, dealing with families in crisis, and communicating with law enforcement personnel. Frequent performance of these services has led the organization to recognize that it possesses a unique understanding of the numerous safety and security gaps within the community that need to be addressed.

Misaskim Cares is comprised of gentle reminders, useful tips, and pertinent information that can be instrumental in safeguarding your family's wellbeing this summer season. In addition to exploring the factors that most commonly lead to motor vehicle accidents r"l, this issue of Misaskim Cares clarifies newly enacted laws and how abiding by them can prevent a summer trip from metamorphosing into a traumatic experience. While summer beckons us outdoors, Misaskim Cares firmly establishes a set of safety practices that will create a secure perimeter for your family without impeding the summer experiences that rejuvenate us all each year. You will meet highly-acclaimed safety experts who will share advice on how to safeguard our children and young adults. Various other issues that impact our communities each summer are also brought into focus as we invite you to partner with Misaskim in its prevention efforts.

This current issue of Misaskim Cares marks the 11th year since Misaskim started promoting community safety. The experience we've gained each year has once again enabled us to take the lead in developing vitally-needed awareness of what is happening around us. Be sure to read Misaskim Cares and keep an eye out for our upcoming winter edition.

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