Miami Chevra Kadisha Instrumental in Preventing a Cremation
April 18, 2012
Misaskim received a call on its emergency hotline this Chol Hamoed from a women who currently lives in Flatbush. The woman explained that her aunt, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, had passed away and that the family was planning to cremate the body due to lack of funds.

The caller was understandably broken-hearted about the family's decision, as her mother, who was the sister of the current nifteres', had also cremated her father's body years ago for similar reasons. The woman was determined to prevent the cremation from happening this time, but was at a loss as to how to handle the situation.

Misaskim volunteers contacted family members and worked with Rabbi Yeruchim Koppelman of the Miami Chevra Kadisha. Together, they did their utmost to educate the family regarding the negative spiritual ramifications of cremation. There were various options available in order to resolve the situation, including bringing the nifteres to New York. In the end, Misaskim offered to take responsibility for the expenses of a Jewish burial and chose to bury the nifteres in Miami since it was most cost effective. Rabbi Koppelman arranged the burial and the nifteres received a Jewish burial with a minyan. Misaskim is deeply grateful to the members of the Miami Chevra Kadisha for their tireless efforts and for their participation in this special mitzvah.

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