Misaskim Teams Up with The Federal Bureau of Investigation On Chol Hamoed
April 17, 2012
Misaskim Teams Up with The Federal Bureau of Investigation On Chol Hamoed
At this year's Misaskim Chol Hamoed outing for children who have lost a parent, participants were treated to a unique program that included exhibits manned by nearly 40 FBI agents. The youngsters had the opportunity to meet the special agents and learn how they work to keep our country safe. They also had a chance to find out about the remarkable tools the agents use to accomplish their mission.

"What a great event," Special Agent in Charge, Gerald Rose, told participants at the start of the event. "You are going to see amazing things this afternoon that [most people never see or hear about...]" He urged the youngsters to carefully view the exhibits, ask questions, and use this unique opportunity to interact with agents. Members of the FBI and Misaskim have been planning this event for months, and so it was with great pleasure that Misaskim presented Special Agent Rose with an award to acknowledge his team's efforts in coordinating this very interesting and exciting event.

First, the children watched a presentation about Air Force One on a Jumbotron Screen. They were treated to an inside view of the "flying White House" and learned about the extensive security procedures that are in integral part of any overseas presidential trip. As the presentation came to an end, members of the Secret Service surprised the children by driving the presidential limousine into the arena. The limousine is often used by President Obama when he visits New York. All those present had an opportunity to see the inside of the vehicle and to learn about some of its extraordinary security features. The children were delighted by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and took numerous pictures posing near the limo.

Next, the children viewed the remaining FBI exhibits and visited with members of the FBI Evidence Response Team, the FBI Mobil Command Center, FBI SWAT Agents, FBI Scuba Agents, the FBI Community Analysis Response Team, and FBI Special Agent Bomb Technicians. The agents spent more than three hours patiently defining their responsibilities, as the children moved from one exhibit to the next. The children were able to have their fingerprints taken, try on the scuba equipment and the bomb squad gear, get an up-close look at some of the incredible hi-tech equipment, and find out about techniques regularly used by FBI agents.

The young visitors also enjoyed two lively stunt shows toward the end of the day. "This was the best Chol Hamoed trip ever and it gets better and better each time," said one young participant. "The FBI exhibits were fascinating."

Misaskim coordinates these Chol Hamoed outings twice each year for families who have experienced the loss of a parent. This year, in addition to the event itself, which is held free of charge, families were once again offered free transportation and snacks. Hundreds of children from Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Queens, Long Island, Monsey, Monroe, New Square, Lakewood, Long Branch, and Morristown participated in the fun.

Misaskim is deeply grateful to our partners at the FBI and the Port Authority who made the Chol Hamoed program possible. Misaskim is committed to further expanding its community service efforts by building and maintaining relations with officials on local, state, and federal levels.
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