Selichos L'Zayin Adar
February 29, 2012
Throughout Jewish history, Zayin Adar marked an important day in the Jewish calendar for members of the Chevrah Kadisha. On this day, Hashem himself performed the duties of the Chevrah Kadisha and buried Moshe Rabbeinu on the mountain.

It is therefore customary for members of Chevrah Kadisha to fast on this day and ask forgiveness from the niftarim they served throughout the year; lest they inadvertently showed any act of disrespect to a niftar while preparing them for kevurah . In addition, it is a day of reflection on the meaning and importance of Kavod Hames.

Most Chevrah Kadisha are familiar with the minhag to fast on Zayin Adar and they also lein V'yachal during Mincha services as it is done on any tanis tzibur. But it is not so well known that there are specific selichos to be recited by the Chevrah Kadisha on this day. Misaskim was able to locate an old siddur that still had the selichos listed in it. In fact, Misaskim found all three different versions of selichos for Zayen Adar; Nisach Lita, Nisach G'chasha and Nisach Puzna. Misaskim would like to make it known that these special selichos exist. The organization printed each version and made them available to the public in time for Zayin Adar. The selichos can be obtained in print by contacting Misaskim at: 718-854-4548 or it can be downloaded here.

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