New York's Newest Congressman Visits Misaskim
November 09, 2011
New York's Newest Congressman Visits Misaskim
In what he termed an "eye-opening experience," United States Congressman Bob Turner toured Misaskim's headquarters on Tuesday, November 8th, and met with members of Misaskim's board.

Turner, newly elected as congressman in New York's 9th Congressional district, is already considered a rising star on the House Committee on Homeland Security. Turner was visibly impressed as he viewed Misaskim's vast array of supplies and equipment, all of which are used solely to assist acheinu beis yisroel cope with adversity and loss.

The Congressman inspected its gmach nichumim, sophisticated lighting equipment and stopped by Misaskim's Emergency Operations Center. He was particularly impressed with Misaskim's fleet of 15 vehicles, including emergency response vehicles and high tech mobile command centers.

During his tour of Misaskim's headquarters, Misaskim volunteers described the scope of the organization's free services to the Jewish community and outlined the implementation of its new series of safety initiatives in the community.

Congressman Turner was effusive in his praise of Misaskim and its volunteers. "A volunteer organization of this size doing G-d's work under the most difficult circumstances is inspiring. I find this wonderful and I commend you." In addition, he offered to help Misaskim in any way possible and said he would "spread the word" among his legislative colleagues.

"It has been a tremendous privilege for us to host Congressman Turner today," Misaskim's director Rabbi Yanky Meyer said after the event. "Our community values the friendship of Congressman Turner and we wish him well in his new job in Washington."
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