Asai L'man Tinokos Shel Bais Raban
October 05, 2011
<i> Asai L'man Tinokos Shel Bais Raban</i>
This afternoon, tens of thousands of children assembled for a unique gathering that marked their participation in Misaskim's 18th annual Tehillim Asifah. Misaskim representatives coordinate this poignant event during Aseres Yemei Teshuvah to infuse strength and hope into all those in urgent need of a yeshuah.

The main location of the asifah was at the Bobov Shul in Boro Park where children from more than 35 local yeshivas were bused in. Thousands more joined via satellite hookup across the nation and across the globe. The sweet and innocent voices of children in London, Manchester, Israel, Toronto, Montreal, Panama, and Mexico City blended with the voices of children in the United States to cry out in unity; "Shlach Refuah Shleima L'Cholei Amecha!" The massive audience was led in prayer by many Rabbonim, representing nearly every Jewish community.

Many of the participants attested to the purity and intensity that permeated the event. "I have no tears left," commented one participant. "It should be a z'chus for all of Klal Yisroel."

Misaskim representatives went to great lengths to coordinate this momentous asifah. Volunteers from the organization, who consider the tehillim asifah their own personal "spiritual crisis-prevention tool," worked until late into the night to ensure that every detail was attended to properly.

If you are one of the thousands of people who joined Misaskim at the Tehillim Asifah today, please take a few moments to donate $18 to defray the costs of coordinating this momentous event. To donate, click here.

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