Misaskim Commends NYC Medical Examiner's Continuous Support
September 27, 2011
While it certainly is not the first time that the NYC Medical Examiner's office extended itself to accommodate the Jewish community, there is no doubt that it went beyond the call of duty last night. Misaskim would like to publicly thank Dr. Stephen James DeRoux, Acting Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, and Mr. Errington Bailey for their sensitivity and compassion.

Unfortunately, Williamsburg is currently mourning the untimely petirah of a young woman who passed away Monday evening. Hatzolah members on the scene feverishly tried to resuscitate her but were unsuccessful. While the nifteres was being transferred to the hospital, Misaskim reached out to the Medical Examiner's office and notified it of the situation. Despite the fact that Medical Examiner facilities were already closed due to the late hour, two offices were opened because of a request made by Misaskim. Misaskim volunteers picked up Mr. Bailey and brought him to the Brooklyn office where he completed the mandatory paperwork. Dr. DeRoux conducted an external exam at the Staten Island office and the nifteres' body was released at midnight.

Misaskim representatives have expended a great deal of effort over the years to ensure that these arrangements with the Medical Examiner's Office are always operative. With siyata dishmaya, the system functioned well last night and the nifteres was quickly brought to her eternal rest. The levayah was held at 1:30AM. Misaskim commends the Medical Examiner's Office for its assistance in enabling the family to provide a lasting comfort to the nifteres. We are humbled by, and grateful for, the kindness and respect for our traditions that is continuously demonstrated by the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office. Those who wish to join Misaskim in conveying appreciation to the Medical Examiner's Office can do so by clicking on the link below. http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mailocme.html

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