Borough President Marty Markowitz at Misaskim
September 01, 2011
Borough President Marty Markowitz at Misaskim
Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz, the most recent visitor among a series of officials who have visited Misaskim since August, met with Misaskim representatives on Thursday, September 1st. During the meeting, it became apparent that both parties are in profound agreement - sharing a common agenda to improve the quality of life of the members of our community. In fact, Misaskim has gained much recognition recently after it coordinated the response to several high-profile tragedies.

"Wonders never cease," Markowitz exclaimed after a walk-through of Misaskim's warehouse that stores the organization's free-loan society items. The Borough President then inspected Misaskim's fleet of vehicles, its emergency equipment and its Emergency Operations Center. "We're blessed to have this organization serving Brooklyn," he said. "You've got to admire what Misaskim does," he commented, after leafing through Misaskim's safety Magazine, Gates of Chesed, and noting how timely and pertinent its contents are.

While Markowitz had previously certainly been familiar with some of the services that Misaskim offers, he said that he had not been aware of the extent of its activities, or of the efforts and resources that are poured into projects on behalf of the community on a daily basis.

The Borough President pointed out that if hadn't known about it, then certainly many others don't know about it either. He eagerly offered his assistance to Misaskim and inquired how his office can support Misaskim's activities. As he himself noted, "As the Brooklyn Jewish community continues to grow, there is no question that - unfortunately - there will be a greater need for Misaskim's services."
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