In Memory of Leiby Kletzky a"h
July 15, 2011
In Memory of Leiby Kletzky <i>a"h</i>
It is with a broken heart and spirit that Misaskim, together with all of Klal Yisroel, mourns the tragic loss of little Yehudah a"h ben Nachman. Misaskim volunteers worked tirelessly, offering support throughout this harrowing nightmare.

Misaskim pooled all its resources, and much more, in an effort to provide technical and logistical assistance to the search teams and to the grief-stricken parents. In addition, Misaskim coordinated with the yeshiva, with law enforcement, and with numerous government agencies. When the tragic ending came to light, Misaskim was tasked with notifying the family.

Misaskim was instrumental in facilitating positive interactions between law enforcement officials, the investigation team, and the Medical Examiner's Office. The organization was also called upon to join with NYC's finest in arranging for the sorrowful levayah that was attended by tens of thousands of people. There is no doubt that these efforts would not have been possible without the respectful and productive partnership that exists between Misaskim, Hatzolah, Shomrim, and Chaverim. Misaskim is also deeply grateful to the thousands in our community who offered their help in so many countless ways; whether by participating in the search or by pouring out their tefillos to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Now that Leiby a"h's heiligah neshomah is in shomayim, we are all left with a gaping sense of emptiness. True to the organization's mission, Misaskim would like to offer comfort to the family and to Leiby's neshamah in shomayim by embarking on a project to write a Sefer Torah leilui nishmas Leiby a"h.

"Leiby a"h was a living Sefer Torah that was ripped away from us." This statement was delivered by one of the maspidim at the levayah. Misaskim therefore feels that it would be fitting to commemorate this precious neshamah by writing a Sefer Torah in his memory. Furthermore, just as Leiby united Klal Yisroel in their tefillos, in their search efforts, and in bringing out the best in everyone, so too, this Sefer Torah will unite Klal Yisroel by becoming part of Misaskim's family of Sifrei Torah that are constantly being delivered to shivah homes.

Misaskim is inviting acheinu kol Bais Yisroel to join us in this special mitzvah. Individuals who wish to fulfill an everlasting chesed can choose to participate by donating a parshah, an amud, or even a passuk. Donations can be made online by clicking here or by contacting Misaskim at: 718-854-4548.

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