Gratitude Amidst Grief
May 13, 2011
<b>Gratitude Amidst Grief </b>
May 13, 2011 - During these hours of deep sadness and grief over the tragic death of Yoily Englander, a"h, Misaskim feels compelled to wrap up the heartrending task they were called upon to do, by publicly thanking the New York City Medical Examiner's Office.

While law enforcement and medics we"h, Misaskim volunteers reached out to their network of relations in an effort to arrange the release of the niftar's body. The grieving family wanted to do all they could to honor their beloved child by bringing him to kvurah as soon as possible, as mandated by halachah. However, the Medical Examiner's offices were closed, since the accident occurred late in the afternoon. At the request of the family, Misaskim immediately activated its resources. Similar unfortunate situations in the past have led Misaskim to establish a procedure with the Medical Examiner's office that came into play last night. As in the past, the Medical Examiner's office once again graciously and compassionately responded when Misaskim reached out to them. An office was especially opened at 10:00 p.m. in Staten Island. The agency even went so far as to send in a doctor from New Jersey at that late hour. Misaskim coordinated the transfer of the niftar, and the levayah was held only a short while later.

"Misaskim has ongoing relations with the Medical Examiner's office and would like to offer the highest praise," a young volunteer remarked this morning. "They can serve as a role model for all coroners across the nation." Similar feelings of deep gratitude were echoed by the family and other askonim who were involved. Misaskim volunteers feel obligated to publicly share their appreciation for the Medical Examiner's staff who over-extended themselves last night with genuine kindness. Misaskim is humbled by their support, yet confident in our continuing partnership - as together we assist the community during times of need.

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