Police Chiefs Recognized at Misaskim Volunteers' Melava Malka
March 05, 2011
Police Chiefs Recognized at Misaskim Volunteers' Melava Malka
March 5, 2011 - Misaskim held a Melava Malka this past Motzie Shabbos to demonstrate its appreciation and to encourage its Monsey, New Square, and Kiryas Yoel volunteers who dedicate time and effort to the organization's mission. The number of volunteers in Rockland County and Kiryas Yoel area has increased considerably over the last few years, and Misaskim has become an integral player in community-support services there.

The volunteers, along with their spouses, enjoyed an evening of comradeship and chizuk as they were recognized for selflessly spending time away from their families - often facing grueling tasks - sometimes in frigid temperatures, sometimes during the middle of the night, or sometimes in searing heat.

It's only because of the utter compassion and selfless actions of these volunteers that Misaskim can continue to stand by our community. In particular, in his address to those gathered, Rabbi Yanky Meyer acknowledged their spouses who stand behind Misaskim volunteers. "When a Misaskim volunteer comes home from a trying scene, it's his wife who gives him the courage - the oomph - to go on the next call."

Three local chiefs of police were also present at the Melava Malka. Chief Peter Brower of the Ramapo Police Deparment, Chief Louis Falco of Rockland County Sheriff's Department, and Chief Paul J. Modica of the Spring Valley Police Department were each presented with an award for their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty in assisting Misaskim during times of tragedy. Misaskim thanked the officials for their continuous support and for working hand in hand with Misaskim since the organization's inception.

During the award ceremony, Chief Brower addressed the crowd. "Monsey has grown probably in the same ratio [as Misaskim has]. I don't think Monsey could survive without the assistance of the people in this room," he told the volunteers. "We call you when things are tough. I want to thank each and every one of you for what you do for this community, for what you do for this town; you make it a better place for everyone to live."

"Helping people in a time of need is really an amazing thing," Chief Modica added. "You do have my word that I will support everything you do."

Chief Falco expressed his gratitude to Misaskim by saying, "Really these awards should be given to you. We're getting paid for our services, but you're not."

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