The Community Mourns the Loss of a Dear Friend
January 18, 2011
Misaskim mourns the loss of a dedicated and beloved volunteer and askan - R' Yossi Pressburger ZT"L. R' Pressburger has been involved in various Misaskim projects and has selflessly and willingly given his time and resources to the community.

On Tuesday, January 11th, Misaskim received a phone call from Mr. Shmuli Herzog of Kedem Winery, where R' Pressburger served as a senior executive. R' Pressburger was in Detroit on a business trip. He was pulling out of a parking lot when his car veered into a fence. An employee who worked in the area noticed the accident and called 911. Unfortunately, R' Pressburger was no longer with us by the time help arrived. Mr. Herzog informed Misaskim that the niftar was in a hospital in Detroit and requested that Misaskim assist the family during this dark period.

Misaskim immediately initiated a response by contacting Rabbi Boruch Levine and Garry Torgow, two askanim in Detroit, and also began working on the technical and legal logistics of returning the niftar to New York. In addition, Misaskim was tasked with notifying the family and coordinating the travel arrangements of various family members living or attending yeshivah in Eretz Yisroel, Baltimore, and other out-of-town communities. Despite having all the resources available to handle this crisis, this situation proved to be more challenging than usual, as a storm was approaching the region and badly impacting travel.

Misaskim worked along with askanim in Detroit to facilitate a speedy release of the niftar and then arranged for a private plane to fly the niftar back to New York for kvurah.

R' Yossi Pressburger, a dear friend of the community, was tragically niftar at the age of 48 and left behind his wife and 7 children. Shiva information is posted on Misaskim's website at

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