Volunteers Respond to Fatal Accident
December 20, 2010
Misaskim volunteers assisted last night at the scene of the tragic accident that took the life of Mrs. Chana Walfish A"H. Despite frigid temperatures and biting winds, volunteers stayed at the scene for over three hours to ensure kavod hameis.

The accident happened at about 7:15 last night when a 15-passenger van jumped the curb and fatally struck Mrs. Walfish A"H, as she left a nail salon at 424 Saddle River Road in Airmont. Paramedics and Hatzolah transported the victim to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was unfortunately pronounced dead.

At around 7:40 pm a Misaskim volunteer in a nearby store heard the commotion and went to see what had occurred. Upon arrival, Ramapo Police Sgt. Robert Lancia confirmed that, indeed, there was a victim involved and advised the volunteer to mobilize a Misaskim team. Officials from the Ramapo Police Department also requested that Misaskim bring a light tower to the scene.

A team of volunteers arrived with all necessary equipment to ensure kavod hameis at the scene. Misaskim's light tower was utilized to assist Misaskim and law enforcement to carry out their duties on the dark winter evening. Officials at the scene were deeply grateful to Misaskim for the use of the light tower which assisted them in their efforts to conclude the investigation with the greatest speed possible.

The quick conclusion of the investigation contributed to the speedy release of the meis, which cannot be released until the investigation is over. The law- enforcement officials were visibly impressed at the professionalism and efficiency of the volunteers, and took Misaskim's phone number to have on hand in case of future need, chas v'shalom.

Two additional Misaskim volunteers were dispatched to the hospital to assist the bereaved family. As the shocked and overwhelmed family members arrived at the hospital, one volunteer was on hand to guide them through the necessary procedures. A second volunteer worked with officials from the Medical Examiner's office. The volunteer did everything possible to make sure that the Medical Examiner could complete all legal procedures as quickly as possible. All legalities were completed in a timely manner, and the body of the nifteres was released to the chevrah kadisha. The levayah took place this morning at 11:00 am.

Misaskim volunteers arrived at the Walfish residence at 18 Algonquin Circle in Airmont this morning and prepared the home for shivah. For further information regarding the aveilim please see the Misaskim website at Misaskim.org.

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