Misaskim to Launch New Initiatives
November 08, 2010
Innovating New Solutions to Community Challenges During Trying Times

Misaskim is now gearing up to unveil a series of new initiatives and programs to maximize its efficiency in responding to community crisis and coping with tragedy. The organization is expected to release the details of the first of its initiatives during the week of November 22nd. A report of the remaining programs will be presented to the community in the weeks following the initial introduction.

"Misaskim has B"H managed to take advantage of its resources and official contacts to successfully establish a large number of new programs that will be of great assistance to families in our communities who are facing tragedy," explained a Misaskim staffer, who is spearheading the new programs.

The organization noted that several of the new initiatives are already in place and are being tested to ensure their effectiveness. Since its inception, Misaskim has successfully tackled unique community service issues such as its gemach nichumin. Now Misaskim's objective is to make certain that its resources are being delivered to the community efficiently and the organization is strategically implementing solutions to further its goals that are designed to expand its community service.

Misaskim is committed to provide support and assistance during a crisis or a tragedy and has cultivated a network of relationships and processes that has now become integral to our community. Misaskim continues to be at the forefront of innovation in community services - handling one crisis at a time.

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