Misaskim Coordinates meeting for State and local agencies
January 01, 2010
Misaskim Coordinates meeting for State and local agencies
After working alongside the NYS Department of Homeland Security during numerous occasions to address security, health and safety issues in our community, Misaskim has invited the NYS Department of Homeland Security to tour Misaskim's headquarters and gain a better understanding of the services Misaskim offers to the community and to government agencies. The NYS Department of Homeland Security headed by Thomas G. Donlon, Director, James Sherry, Chief of Staff New York State DOH and Seny Tavers, Special Assistant to Deputy Secretary for Public Safety and Homeland Security were all present. They also brought several additional state agencies to the meeting, such as the New York State Department of Health and the New York State Emergency Management office Representatives. Misaskim extended an invitation to other local organizations of areas covered by Misaskim, such as the New York City Office of Emergency Management, Representatives from the NYPD, Police Commissioners office. NYPD Assistant Chief Joseph Fox from Patrol Boro Brooklyn South along with numerous of his commanding officers from local precincts, a special delegation from the NYPD Counter Terrorism District was also present. Chief Lawson from the Lakewood NJ police department and representatives from the Rockland County sheriffs office sensed the urgency of this meeting and traveled the distance to partake in the meeting. Many Jewish leaders representing a variety of major jewish organizations were all invited. Representing these organizations were Rabbi Pesach Lenner, Young Israel's executive director, David Pollack, Representing the Jewish community relations council. Rabbi Dovid Cohen, the CEO of Hatzalah, Rabbi Berish Frielich special assistant to the superintendent of the New York State Police Liaison. Rabbi Kenarik from Peekskill Yeshiva & many others.

The meeting began with a tour of Misaskim's sophisticated equipment and EOC, an enlightening introduction to some of Misaskim's services on behalf of the community in times of crisis. Then, participants watched a P o w e r P o i n t presentation, further detailing the vital community work of Misaskim, the need for these services and the sensitivities of our community. Afterwards, a speaker explained to the officials that Misaskim, along with several other community agencies, such as Hatzolah and Shomrim represent a small army. With a total of approximately two-thousand highly trained soldiers, they are our community's volunteers. This small army is ready to be dispatched at a moment's notice in time of emergency and they are there to service the community and be a go-between for law enforcement agencies. After all, as one person said wryly, ''when someone in our community has a heart attack, Hatzolah is called before 9-1-1.'' And so, it is imperative that these organizations work hand in hand with the government agencies.

At the end of this informative meeting, the assistant of the Director of Homeland Security, summarized the impression of the attendees: ''If all the places we've gone to would get to see what these organizations offer to their community, [...and would offer them to their own communities,] things would be a lot easier for everyone.''

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