Alleviating Tragedy with Compassion. Coordinating Crisis with Expertise.
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January 14, 2019
INCREDIBLE! Misaskim Volunteers Sift Through Mountain of Trash And RECOVER LOST TEFILLIN!
Thanks to the incredible work of the Misaskim Organization, a Chaim Berlin Yeshiva Bochur has been reunited with his Tefillin. Rabbi Jack Meyer, founder of Misaskim received a call from a family member that their sonís Tefillin had been lost, and it appeared they were accidentally thrown into ...
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Chol hamoed Trip for an orphan
No one is ever prepared to cope with a tragedy.
When people are thrown into that dark abyss of crisis or loss, the pain and the grief is accompanied by a
crushing feeling of isolation and bewilderment by the many unknowns of this new uncharted territory.
And so, they call out to Misaskim.
Alleviating tragedy with compassion. Coordinating crisis with expertise.
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