Alleviating Tragedy with Compassion. Coordinating Crisis with Expertise.
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September 19, 2017
Misaskimís 23rd International Tehillim Asifa this Tuesday @1PM EDT
Wherever you are at 1pm this coming Tuesday, STOP! Stop and say Tehillim, together with tens of thousands of tinokos shel beis rabban around the globe, who will beseech the sha'arei shamayim with tefillah on behalf of so many cholei Yisroel, and others facing the most terrible troubles one ...
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No one is ever prepared to cope with a tragedy.
When people are thrown into that dark abyss of crisis or loss, the pain and the grief is accompanied by a
crushing feeling of isolation and bewilderment by the many unknowns of this new uncharted territory.
And so, they call out to Misaskim.
Alleviating tragedy with compassion. Coordinating crisis with expertise.
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