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A Week at Misaskim
Mrs. Pessy Hamburger
R' Naftuli Fischl
Mrs. Chanie Ribiat
R' Moshe Elbogen
Mrs. Roz Brezak
Mrs. Rita Sobel
Mrs. Adina Halpert
Rebbetzin Rivka Kaluszyner
R' Hillel Pester
Mrs. Goldie Rothstein
Mrs. Chavie Ashman
Leah Pester
R' Mathew Saltzberg
R' Jonathon Saltzberg
Mrs. Sorah Kamin
R' Ephraim Kamin
Mrs. Mollie (Malia) Kamin
R' Dovid Kamin
Mrs. Tova Kutner
Mrs. Zahava Krausz
Mrs. Shifra Eisig
Mrs. Numi Pfeiffer
Habachur Aaron Kamin
Habachur Moshe Kamin
Miss Raizy Kamin
Miss Leah Kamin
Miss Avital Kamin
Mrs. Susan Haber
R' Joshua Haber
R' Aaron Haber
R' Michael Haber
R' Nuta Loeb
R' Yisroel Mordche Loeb
R' Ahron Yechezkel Loeb
R' Yehuda Leib Loeb
R' Yosef Chaim Loeb
Mrs. Aigy Lerner
Mrs. Goldy Glick
Mrs. Yachet Hersh
Mrs. Chaya Esther Binik
Mrs. Hindy Pollack
R' Nahum Spirn
Mrs. Batya Jerenberg
R' Leonard Jacobs
Mrs. Chava Bodner
R' Yitzchok Goldsman
Mrs. Esther Krausz
Mrs. Penina Semel
R' Bezalel Wiederman
R' Leibie Wiederman
Mrs. Goldie Chapler
Mrs. Simi Kofman
Mrs. Rivky Friedman
Mrs. Rivka Langner
R' Avrumie Langner
R' Heshy Langner
Habachur Tzvi Langner
R' Pinchos Mayer Prinz
Mrs. Rivka Brull
Mrs. Rechy Einhorn
Mrs. Irma Kramer
R' Leslie Knoller
Mrs. Betty Pilicer
Mrs. Fay Elefant
R' Maurice Elefant
Mrs. Suri Brown
R' Daniel Elefant
Mrs. Lauren Bochner
Mrs. Rachel Malks
Miss Debra Elefant
Mrs. Felice Kutner
Mrs. Debbie Rosen
R' Murry Rosen
Mrs. Harriet Nobel
Mrs. Neshy Oestrich
Mrs. Rivky Ettinger
Mrs. Ruchy Birnbaum
Mrs. Chana Unger
R' Shmuel Moskowitz
R' Yaakov Moskowitz
Mrs. Leah (Lilly) Mauskopf
Mrs. Annie Nussbaum
Mrs. Dianne Schuster
Mrs. Miriam Carmen
Mrs. Leah Tzivia Barron
R' Yaakov Kiwak
R' Ahron Kiwak
Mrs. Lois Landy
Mrs. Malka Kugelman
R' Israel Landy
R' Shloima Landy
Harav Meyer Eiger
Harav Avraham Eiger
Rebbetzin Rochel Leifer
Rebbetzin Esther Spira
R' Yechiel Ehrenfeld
R' Yitzchok Ehrenfeld
R' Avrohom Natanov
R' Yair Natanov
R' David Natanov
R' Yaakov Domatov
R' Isaac Domatov
R' Rafarel Domatov
Mrs. Raisa Davidoff
Mrs. Sofia Domatov
R' Lester Klaus
Mrs. Marsha Friedman
R' Shmuly Klaus
R' Yanky Klaus
R' Moshe Klaus
Mrs. Fraidy Goldsmith
R' Meilech Moshe Breban
R' Chaskel Breban
R' Meir Breban
R' Luzer Silberstein
R' Shloime Eliezer Gelbman
Mrs. Esther Silberstein
R' Moshe Yoel Silberstein
R' Avraham Silberstein
R' Shloime Silberstein
R' Yitzchok Silberstein
Mrs. Gittel Gruber
Mrs. Chanie Birenbaum
R' Bentzion Tyberg
R' Moshe Tyberg
R' Yidel Tyberg
Mrs. Henya Fishman
Mrs. Shoshana Weiss
R' Motty (Yisroel Mordechai) Tyberg
Mrs. Henya Fertig
Mrs. Mina Fisher
Mrs. Tzila Grossman
Mrs. Chanie Halberstam
R' Shmiel (Avrohom Shmuel) Deutsch
Habachur Yosef Epstein
Habachur Mendy Epstein
Miss Chaya Epstein
Mrs. Chana Ruttner
R' Dovid Yitzchok Schick
Mrs. Chaya Svarc
Mrs. Blimie Klein
R' Yona Baron
Mrs. Shifra Weiss
Mrs. Chaya Brody
Mrs. Freida Zoldan
R' Moshe Cohen
R' Chaim Zellig
R' Yosef Meir Zellig
Mrs. Baila Mandelbaum
R' Chaim Dov Cohen
Mrs. Leah Rosenberg
Mrs. Baila Wolf
Mrs. Sara Bokchin
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Disaster/Accident Recovery
When disaster or tragedy strikes , Misaskim deals with the situation in a professional, efficient manner that is acceptable to the law and respectful to the deceased. During major catastrophes or minor accidents with Jewish casualties, Misaskim will dispatch a team of volunteers-even via private jet-to any location in the United States on a moment’s notice.
Gemach Nechumim
Misaskim’s gemach nichumim ensures that the week of shiva is a little bit more comforting and comfortable by providing aveilim with necessities from shiva chairs to sifrei torah, from folding beds to fax machines.
Meis Mitzvah
When the need arises, Misaskim assumes responsibility for the mesei mitzvah of our community, discovering the identity of unknown deceased individuals, convincing family members to opt for kevuras yisroel rather than cremations and even covering the cost of the levayos of these mesei mitzvah.
Kavod Hameis
Misaskim stands at the frontlines, safeguarding the dignity of the deceased, by advocating to prevent autopsies and educating government officials and coroners regarding kavod hames. When an autopsy is unavoidable, Misaskim insures that trained Rabbis are present during the procedure to minimize the desecration of the body.
Chevra Kadisha
Besides for performing teharos, finding burial plots and arrange the kevura, Misaskim is a backbone for other Chevra Kadisha agencies, providing sound systems, generator-powered lights for nighttime levayos and solving many logistical problems in order to arrange a funeral in a timely manner.
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