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כתיבת שני ספר תורה
ע״י כלל ישראל
לטובת כלל ישראל
להנציח זכרון הנעדרים באסון הנורא במירון ל"ג בעומר תשפ"א
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Misaskim to Dedicate Two Sifrei Torah
In Memory of Those Lost in Meron

With the Lag B’Omer tragedy still fresh in our minds, our thoughts of grief and mourning are tinged with a longing to do something, anything we possibly can, to elevate the neshamos of those we lost in this devastating catastrophe.

We are all familiar with Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s insistence that the words of the Torah will never be forgotten, the words “Ki lo sishkachm’pizaro” etched on the stone arch at the entrance to his tziyunalluding to his name. With visions of Meron and its promise of everlasting Torah burning deeply in our hearts, we are embarking on a mission to dedicate two sifrei Torah in memory of the 45 kedoshim who lost their lives on Lag B’Omer. Their legacies will live on as these Torahs are lent out to shiva homes, each time accruing additional zechuyos in the Olam Haemes for those who spent their final moments connecting with Rabbi Shimon in Meron.

As we begin writing these sifrei Torah, we ask you to join us in this eternal tribute to those we lost in Meron, our commitment to ensuring that like our heilige Torah, they will never be forgotten.

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