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ספר הנעדרים
לעליו נשמת נעדרי מגיפת הקאראנא
Eternalize the Neshamas that were lost to COVID-19
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For The Lost Victims

As we emerge from a horrific era in time, the memories of the COVID-19 victims are still so fresh in our minds. Their final hours alone without a loved one at their side; the levaya with barely a minyan; the shiva with no visitors; unshed tears, unexpressed grief, unspoken stories.

For An Eternal Memorial

With a Sefer Torah especially written and dedicated to honor those who were tragically taken during the 2020 pandemic, we will memorialize their neshamas forever. Thousands will attend this Hachnasos Sefer Torah; thousands will honor their memory in an unforgettable way.

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