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To be included in the USNS, registration is mandatory, simple, and with no charge to the school/camp.
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Alert Categories
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Traffic Alerts
Traffic due to unusual occurrence ex: major accidents, fires etc. (not your usual traffic nightmare due to garbage pickup etc.)

Weather Related
Weather related alerts regarding transportation, school closures etc.

Law Enforcement/Govt
Relevant messages from your local police precinct and gov't agencies
Shomrim Notifications
Notifications regarding missing people and security alerts.

Hatzolah Notifications
Emergency notifications involving medical situations.

Misaskim Notifications
Information that will impact your school’s operations

Weekly Zman*
You will automatically receive a text message or email regarding the zmanim of the upcoming Shabbos on Thursday nights. If you do not receive please check the system to see if you are still signed up. Please do not call the office.

Emergency Alerts*

*All registered users are automatically added to the Emergency Notification and the Weekly Zman categories.