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It is that time of the year: A time to visit your loved ones in the Bais Hachaim. A time to plead for mercy for a sweet and healthy new year....and a time to ask Hashem עשה למען אוהביך שכני עפר. It is also a time to stop and think about how many Jews are never zoche to be brought to Kever Yisroel. With a few minutes of your time you can help another jew come to a jewish burial.
You can also donate by calling 718.854.4548 or by mailing your checks to:
Misaskim, 5805 16th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Complete Funeral
(ie:funeral home, chevra kadisha, plot, grave opening, monument)
Funeral Services $2,000
Grave Opening and Cemetery Charges $1,500
Plot for a Meis Mitzvah $1,000
3 ft. High Matzeiva and Foundation $1,800
Tomchei Mitzvah$500
Misaskim Partner$360
Chai Sponsor$180
Misaskim Supporter$72
Misaskim Friend$36
Leiluei Nishmas a Meis Mitzvah. They Do Not Deserve to be Forgotten!
Limud Shisha Sidrei Mishnah Leiluei Nishmas Meis Mitzvah $2,500
Limud 1 Seder Mishnayos Leiluei Nishmas Meis Mitzvah $450
Reciting Kaddish 3 Times Daily for Full Year $1,800
Reciting Kaddish Once (1) Daily for Full Year $750
Other Donation:  $ (Any contribution will help)
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