A promise of tomorrow

The sun has set, and the shiva chairs have been folded away. The last visitor has left the house and the family is now on their own. Alone in fear, despair and agony, they stand helpless- about to enter a new era of longing and pain. The new reality hits hard.

And yet, despite it all, a thin stretch of light flickers on. Project Yedid returns happiness and light in the homes of almanos and yesomim, warming the hearts of thousands once again.

in the United States and Tri-State Area

Behind the scenes

Hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Thousands of hours on-call. Millions of dollars spent.

Project Yedid never stops in their quest.



School with Project Yedid

Annual Cost

As yesomim gear up for the new school year, Project Yedid sends each child a briefcase filled with school supplies. Each yosom gets outfitted with the latest school gear, which eliminates the hassle for their mothers, and puts a new spring in their step.


Chol Hamoed Sukkos

Annual Cost

At a time when their Totty’s loss feels so strong, Project Yedid steps in to save the day. With surprising gift boxes and a highly anticipated, grand Simchas Beis Hashoevah, Project Yedid brings a Chag Sameach into their homes.


Chanukah Gelt

Annual Cost

Every year when Chanukah rolls around, each yosom receives a personalized gift package from the Project Yedid family. With dollar bills that were exclusively bentched by Gedolim around the world, $50 spending money, and a splendidly wrapped gift, each yosom can light their menorah with a special joy in their heart.



Annual Cost

Purim is very hard to celebrate when you’re on your own. But with Project Yedid’s Purim seudah program, almanos can host their families and friends, without being anyone’s guest. From gourmet food, to drinks, and tableware, Project Yedid provides it all, allowing almanos to spend their day with those who matter most.


Chol Hamoed Pesach

Annual Cost

At a time when families spend time together, the agony strikes so much more. Project Yedid steps in to help yesomim forget their pain with a fun and highly entertaining trip of the year.



Annual Cost

On Erev Shavous, each almana receives a package for herself and her family. Replete with a beautiful flower bouquet, cheesecakes, delicacies, and a variety of goodies, the families can celebrate the Yom Tov in true sweetness and delight.


Camp Fund Packages

Annual Cost

An escape, a safe haven, this is what sleep-away camp is to yesomim. But along with the serenity and happy smiles comes an expensive price tag that many almanos can’t afford. Project Yedid hand - delivers over 500 camp packages to yesoimim attending sleep-away and day camps around the tri-state area and makes them feel cared about.


Simcha & Emergency Fund

Annual Cost

With no breadwinner in the house, a simcha can be overwhelming and almost impossible to bring to life. Project Yedid aims in assisting the families on those days. Whether it’s a driver the day of the Chasuna, raising funds, or any emergency which may come up, Project Yedid is there to help them walk it through in happiness.

paper goodspaper goods

Paper Goods

Annual Cost

Everyday essentials can be hard to attain when there’s no father in the house. Project Yedid sends boxes full of paper goods to almanos throughout the year, to help them with the day-to-day basics.

Project Yedid realized that there is a real void that needs to be filled. We saw how lonely the yesomim felt. We saw how hard the almanos worked to juggle without their spouse. We saw that, whether we like it or not, we need to step in. Project Yedid is continuously developing more programs designed to make every day and every Yom Tov, just a bit more bearable.

Rabbi Yankie Meyer,
Founder of Misaskim/Project Yedid


Its not just about giving. Its about making a difference.
Adopt-A-Yosom monthly, and see how it makes the difference.


Sponsorship opportunities

$0.50 A Day

אם אתם משמח את שלי

One Year: $180

$15 monthly

$1 A Day

זכות יום הדין

One Year: $360

$30 monthly

$1.25 A Day

Acquire-A-Zechus Yosom

One Year: $456 (יתום)

$38 monthly

$5 A Day


Sponsor a Child For One Year: $1,800

$150 monthly

$10 A Day


Sponsor 2 Children For One Year: $3,600

$300 monthly

$15 A Day


Sponsor 3 Children For One Year: $5,400

$450 monthly

$20 A Day


Sponsor 4 Children For One Year: $7,200

$600 monthly

$30 A Day


Sponsor 6 Children For One Year: $10,800

$900 monthly

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